If your student is enrolled in an ODU sponsored Dual Enrollment course for next year--2016-17 [AP Senior English Literature (Mr. Dvorak), Calc-Based Physics (Mrs. Scott), AP Physics (Mrs. Scott), AP Calculus AB/BC (Mrs. Sharritts), Dual Enrollment Calculus (Mrs. Pina), or Personal Finance (Mr. Montenaro)] please review the following information:


There are 4 major steps involved in the registration process for students who take Dual Enrollment and other college courses through the state’s College Credit Plus (CCP) program.  In short, CCP makes money available to pay for college credit courses.  Funding is limited and allotments begin with grade 12 and work down to grade 7 (if money is still available, the aforementioned process will be repeated).  

For a detailed outline of the state’s College Credit Plus program, including the official website with all the necessary forms and deadlines, see this link:  



Step 1--APPLY TO ODU  (Feb 15– March 28):  


Students need to complete the online application by March 28, 2016!  Also, DeSales will need to send your high school TRANSCRIPT to ODU--see Mrs. Hoyer, the Guidance Secretary (she will send this for you).    


Once you complete this process, students who qualify will receive an ACCEPTANCE LETTER (this is needed for step 3)


Note:  If you wish to take a class at another college, you will need to apply to that school in the same manner stated above.  



  • Complete “Intent to Participate” Form and upload or email it to Ohio Dept. of Education.  It can be completed online or emailed. (See attached form). Due April 1 to Ohio Dept. of Education.  


IMPORTANT:  Always state your grade in terms of the 2016-17 school year; i.e., if you are a current junior, you want to state that you will be in 12th grade next year.



Step 3--FUNDING APPLICATION--Needs to be completed by April 8!  

  • In order to complete step 3, you will need your ACCEPTANCE LETTER from ODU


  • Through your SAFE ACCOUNT, you will be able to access and complete the FUNDING APPLICATION online (this form will require the Acceptance Letter from ODU)

A few notes to help with the FUNDING APPLICATION:

--ODU’s IRN # is 063677

--When asked about the Alternative Structure Funding Agreement, say “NO”


  • Students will receive an Award Letter from the state by May 15, 2016 (hopefully!)


A few notes on State Funding:

The Ohio Dept. of Education plans to provide one college course (up to four credit hours) covered by state funding for Private High School students.   (The state funding cannot be split between two courses--i.e. if one course is three credits, students cannot use the remaining one credit for a second course—this is not allowed).   Students who register for a second college course (not covered by state funding) will be charged the Ohio Dominican reduced tuition amount of $65 per credit hour.   A three credit hour course is $195 and a four credit hour course is $260.



  • Once you receive your AWARD LETTER from the state, MAKE A COPY, and give to me, Rob Dvorak, here at school.  I will submit these to ODU to pay for the class.  


Some students have signed up for multiple Dual Enrollment classes, and thus you will have to pay for the courses NOT covered by the award.  Money is paid directly to Ohio Dominican University.  


Please Note:  Students who do not apply by the deadlines above or who do not receive state funding can still register for ODU Dual Enrollment courses up until September 14, 2016.  



Additional information: College Credit Plus program and examples of College Credit Plus pathways.


Contact Associate Administrator Rob Dvorak at 267-7808 x230 or email at rdvorak@cdeducation.org with questions.