How large is the school?

Currently St. Francis DeSales High School hosts 825 students. A typical incoming freshmen class consists of about 215 students. Our student to teacher ratio is 17:1 with an average class size of 22-24 students per class. As students participate in elective and advanced course work they will find their class sizes become much smaller.

How do new students make friends and get involved?

From the time of acceptance, St. Francis DeSales High School works to make sure new students feel comfortable and become involved in the school community. Through our “First Year Experience” program, students will participate in orientation activities that will introduce freshmen to the traditions and expectations of St. Francis DeSales High School while providing a positive experience to meet fellow classmates and new friends.


What is the homework load like?

Homework is assigned in each class on most nights. A typical school night usually requires 1 to 3 hours of preparation for the next day. Students need to be willing to study. One of the strongest features of St. Francis DeSales High School is how well it prepares students for college. Students learn to be organized and budget their time.

What if I need additional help in a class?

Your first step begins with discussing your needs with your teacher. Teachers are available before, after and during school hours to offer extra assistance. In addition, individual tutoring and support is provided by St. Francis DeSales faculty in our Math Lab and Writing Center throughout the day.

How are students placed into honors level courses as freshmen?

The admissions committee will look at the student’s performance on the entrance exam and their eighth grade academic records to determine if the student qualifies to test for advanced placement.
Qualifying students who are interested in challenging themselves with an honors course will have the opportunity to test into advanced classes in late spring of their 8th grade year.

Is it difficult to participate in athletics?

The SFDHS athletic program offers 28 different athletic programs for boys and girls. Each season, there are some athletic programs that have tryouts and cuts, while others offer a spot to every student who signs up. During the 2016-2017 school year, almost 75% of the student body participated in at least one sport.

Will I be prepared to go on to college?

St. Francis DeSales High School has earned a reputation for academic excellence and for a commitment to faith and service. Our job as a school is to form leaders that are not only prepared to continue on to college, but who are prepared to live a positive and productive life. 98% of graduating seniors are accepted and enroll in premier academic institutions across the country, majoring in a wide variety of fields of study. Recent graduates have been welcomed at The Ohio State University, University of  Notre Dame, Columbia University, Stanford University, University of Pennsylvania, Cornell University, Duke University, Case Western University, Northwestern, University of Michigan, Columbus College of Art and Design, and many others.

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