College Planning

It's not too early to start planning for college!

  • Focus on study skills

    • earn the best grades you can

    • colleges look at freshman year grades

  • Strengthen your vocabulary skills

    • read more challenging books

    • sign up for daily vocab words

  • Visit your guidance counselor to find out how the college admissions process works

  • Get involved in high school!

    • find one/two clubs, sports, activities that you like and become an active member

  • Start a high school resume

    • list classes, activities, work experiences, etc.

    • see the guidance website for a template

  • Research career possibilities

    • use your standardized test results to start thinking about possible careers

    • think about your favorite classes/subjects and ask family members, teachers, counselors which careers line up with them

  • Talk to your family about options for paying for college

    • start, or add to, your college fund