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Over the past three years, we created and strategically implemented a plan to "reflect on the outside of our building, the excellence that is taking place on the inside of our building." Phase One of the Road to 2020 allowed us to make significant and necessary improvements to our campus for the safety and well-being of our students. These improvements have given our students a safer entry onto our campus, added elevator accessibility for those with mobility challenges, and opened our front entrance to graciously welcome visitors into our home. All of this was accomplished on time and on budget through the generosity of our alums, parents and friends.

The outside of our building needs to reflect the excellence that is taking place inside the building.
— Principal Dan Garrick

Now we embark upon the next phase of our vision.

Phase Two of the Road to 2020 will allow us to create a shared boulevard connecting Ferris and Karl Roads to improve the ingress and egress of traffic flow, enhancing safety and efficiency, continue campus beautification with removal of fencing along the North property line and add decorative landscaping, restore paved surfaces throughout the property, prepare for future expansion and development by the acquisition of land east of Alumni Stadium, add a memorial garden for our alumni who have served in the armed forces and install a statue of our patron saint, creating a quiet and reflective place for our students. 

If you would like more information on the Road to 2020:Phase II, please contact Michele Moriarty in the Institutional Advancement office at 614-267-6822, ext. 130.