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The Alumni Advisory Board is in place to strengthen the efforts to build lifelong relationships between the school and its alumni by:

  • Assisting the Alumni Relations and Institutional Advancement teams by conducting and overseeing the affairs and business of the SFDHS Alumni Council in a manner consistent with the principles and values observed by SFDHS.  

  • Developing ways to cultivate and improve relationships between SFDHS Alumni and their Alma Mater.

The Alumni Advisory Board is designed to be a representative body for Alumni of St. Francis DeSales High School.  

Steve Julian '85, President
Sam Chapman '82, Vice President


Academic Advisory Committee

About:  Works in conjunction with SFDHS Administrative team as well as Guidance staff and Academic Council.  This committee will assist the following areas: educational trends, curriculum ideas, guest speaking opportunities and mentoring opportunities with the students.  Members of this committee should have experience in the academic field.

Members:  Jennifer (Heller) Myers '86

SFDHS Representative:  Jim Jones '89 (Assistant Principal)


Advancement & Development Support Committee (Annual Fund)

About:   Assists the office of Institutional Advancement and Alumni relations in increasing the alumni participation in the SFDHS annual fund.

Chairperson:  Dan Groomes '64

Board Representative:  Pakie McGinnis '74

Members:  Karen Richards '80

SFDHS Representative:  Michele Moriarty (Director of Institutional Advancement)


Communications Committee

About:   Works with Alumni Advisory Board and Office of Alumni Relations on improving the database and communicating information to alumni using various sources such as social media, email marketing, direct mail and class agents.

Chairperson:   Kathi Haywood '84

Board Representative:  Kathi Haywood '84

SFDHS Representative:  Karen Cofojohn '96 (Director of Community Relations)


Events Committee

About:   Responsible for the planning and implementation of alumni events (Homecoming, Traditions Mass & Breakfast, All-Class Reunion, Alumni Softball Tournament)

Chairperson:  Sam Chapman '82

Board Representative:  Joe Finocchi '64

Members:  Jamey Cua '86, Carol (Susi) Thompson '84, Angela Granata '78

SFDHS Representative:  Tom Snyder (Director of Alumni Relations)


Finance/Scholarship Committee

About:   Works with Alumni Relations and Institutional Advancement to cultivate and implement efforts to raise money for scholarships.

Board Representative:  Pat Rossetti '66, Pakie McGinnis '74

Members:  Linda Vollmer '69, Tom Maynard '64

SFDHS Representative:  Scott Hartman (Director of Business Advancement Operations)


Faith Life Committee

About:   Works with office of campus ministry and Alumni Director at SFDHS to increase involvement in the spirituality of alumni of SFDHS and student body.

Members:  Deacon Mickey Hawkins '66, Beth (Cook) Mitevski '84, 

SFDHS Representative:  Dan Garrick '79, Nichole Fox