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Anthony Aventino
Class of 2019

Jaylen Ball
Class of 2020

Greta Cargin
Class of 2019

Paula Clark
Class of 2019

Domenica Cua
Class of 2019

Matthew Stewart
Class of 2021

Join us as we chronicle a day in the life of six students. These Stallions represent the diverse experiences all of our students encounter at SFD. Your gift supports our school to empower them for life. Tune in beginning at 10AM!




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Monday, May 20

11 AM - Jaylen Ball ‘20 at Urban Plunge

1 PM - Greta Cargin ‘19 at the Blood Drive

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3 PM - Paula Clark ‘19 in Product Design Class

5 PM - Anthony Aventino ‘19 closes out the school day

Join us in going #ALLinForSFD today! 

7 PM - Greta Cargin ‘19 at Senior Night for Girls LAX

8 PM - Jaylen Ball ‘20 on academics and volunteer coaching the Northern Stallions

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Tuesday, May 21

9 AM - Matthew Stewart ‘21 at Morning Mass

11 AM - Paula Clark ‘19 with the Environmental Club

Join us in going #ALLinForSFD today! 

12 PM - Domenica Cua ‘19 in Ceramics II previewing Opening Night of the Spring Musical

1 PM - Anthony Aventino ‘19 talks faith life at SFD and his plans after high school

Join us in going #ALLinForSFD today! 

3 PM - Greta Cargin ‘19 talks next Fall at Ohio University and Productions Class

5 PM - Matthew Stewart ‘21 in a Sectional Final Baseball Game

Join us in going #ALLinForSFD today! 

7 PM - Jalyen Ball ‘20 at the Bellefontaine Chieftain Relays

9 PM - Domenica Cua as the female lead in the Spring Musical

See Your Donation in Action!
Wednesday, May 21


10:30 AM - Class of 2019 members, Anthony, Domenica, Greta, and Paula reflect on their experiences at St. Francis DeSales