Once a Stallion, Always a Stallion

Former SFD staff member, Pam Heil, and her grandson Kevin Heil '21.

A father-son duo discuss who won more soccer state championships while at SFD.

President of the Alumni Advisory Board, Steve Julian '85, is interviewed by his children Dominic '18 and Jesse '18.

Marcy Rogers Mnich '84 is interviewed by her son Will, who's set to graduate from DeSales on June 2.

In episode 9, SFD teacher Kate Adams Reither '93, is interviewed by a fellow student of the theatre, Mary Polemeni-McGovern '21, and the two discuss the stage and all things DeSales.

Fr. Stash Dailey '00 is interviewed by SFD senior Anna D'Andrea - a recipient of the 2018 Campus Ministry Award.

Current SFD parent, Jane Lindeman Slanoc '81, and her daughter Mia '21, talking all things DeSales, including theatre!

Brittany Garrick Byrley '05 is interviewed by her younger brother Noah '21 and lets him know he should NOT be in Senior Courtyard!

In episode 6, current SFD Principal Dan Garrick '79 interviews past Principal Patrick Rossetti '66 in a courtyard full of chirping birds!

With 50 years separating their graduating classes, Tim Snyder '68, is interviewed by 2018 Valedictorian Justin Braun.

Recent recipient of the St. Francis DeSales Young Alumni Award, Anthony Stranges '13, is interviewed by 2018 Valedictorian Kyle Moon.

A pair of valedictorians, Kelsey Albanese '12 and Abbey Dop '18, team up for the final episode of "Once a Stallion, Always a Stallion"