#ALLinforSFD 2019 Toolkit

A lot can happen in 48 hours.

Take part in ALL in for SFD 2019 from May 20th through May 22nd. 

ALL in for SFD begins at 10:00 AM on May 20, 2019, and ends at 10:00 AM on May 22, 2019.

#ALLinforSFD is 48 amazing hours when alumni, parents, students and friends inspire and encourage each other to make a gift online.

Once a Stallion, always a Stallion! You’ve proven this time and again by attending events, staying informed and connected, and wearing your purple and white. As a proud alum, parent, grandparent, and friend, we need you to take one more action— support St. Francis DeSales High School by participating in ALL in for SFD.

Ways to help spread the word:

  • Challenge 5 of your fellow alumni, family and friends to donate.

  • Double, triple or even quadruple your gift. Many organizations match their employees’ charitable contributions—an easy way to multiply your contribution to St. Francis DeSales High School.

  • Use your social media power! Follow us on social media through Facebook and Twitter. Like, share, comment and retweet our posts.   

  • Send your own messages and include the ALL in for SFD logo (at right) on your social media accounts. Simply right-click and save the image with dates to upload.
    Sample message (or write your own!)

    • ALUMNI - SFD gave you a lifetime of memories. What can you give back in 48 hours? Invest in your Alma Mater during #ALLinforSFD 5/20 - 5/22! 

    • PARENTS - Our children go to a school that is built on strong faith, sense of family, and a tradition of excellence. Join me in making sure SFD continues to be an amazing place for our children and those that follow. Invest in SFD during #ALLinforSFD 5/20 - 5/22. 

  • Join us as we chronicle a day in the life of six students — from sun up to sun down. These Stallions represent the diverse experiences all of our students encounter at SFD. Your gift supports our school to empower them for life. Tune in beginning at 10 AM on May 20th: http://sfdstallions.org/allinforsfd. Please share on your social media accounts!

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There are so many reasons to give: Student Scholarships, Stallion Pride, Alumni Networking, and more! 

How to donate: 

  • We tried to make it as easy as possible to donate. Visit http://sfdstallions.org/allinforsfd to donate through our MobileCause app. You can even share the donation link straight from the webpage.

  • The size of your gift is not as important as the show of your support!