Alumni gifts are tangible ways that alumni express their gratitude for their St. Francis DeSales education and the friendships they formed.  

Your gift, together with other alumni gifts, will strengthen the deep-rooted Catholic tradition that allows students to grow in faith, pursue academic excellence, and serve the community, as well as offer students the opportunity to participate in the arts, athletics and clubs.   

Thank you to the alumni who generously contributed during the Alumni Challenge.

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2018-19 Alumni Challenge Contributors


Top 5 Classes
By Giving Percentage


Top 5 Classes
By Participation Percentage



Class of 1964

Donna and Richard Nadalin

Thomas and Mary Maynard

Father Bill Faiella, CSC

Joseph and Christine Finocchi

Jerome Rodenfels

Dan and Barb Groomes

Barbara Dowler


Class of 1965

Jim Bownas

Anne and David Cooper

Thelma and James Vargo

Joseph and Kathy Moreno

Marsha and Bill Highfield

Class of 1966

Rosemary and John J. Powers

Philip and Linda Delbert

Patrick Rossetti

Linda and Raymond Moloney

Class of 1967

John and Eileen Miles


Class of 1968

William Pickard

Jim Kristoff

Antonia and Charles Moras

Class of 1969

Mr. Christopher C. Hunkler and Vicki Hunkler

Daniel and Jeanine LaVille

Joanne and Paul Naour

Mary Kelley

Thomas and Tonya Buoni

Linda Vollmer

Frederick and Marge Feeney

Rosemary and Dan Grassbaugh

Class of 1970

Michael and Cynthia O'Connell

JoEllen Vickers

Dennis and Jo Hone

Class of 1971

Chris and Gina Stone

Mike and Jeanie Greene

Terri M. Ambrose


Class of 1972

Raymond and Alicia Stokes

Peggy and Charlie Redmond

Dr. Mark and Judith Roy

Class of 1973

Mark and Monna Eakins

Christina Iaconis

Mary Ey

Douglas and Tammy Overstreet

Bernard and Eleanor Jackson

Class of 1974

William and Louise Mnich

Sam and Jeanenne Carfagna

Class of 1975 

Tony Casagrande

Mary Kididis

John and Margaret Calderone


Class of 1976

Theresa Toopes

Mrs. Mary Sguerra

Tina and Tonie Lovin

Branson and Teresa Kitzmiller

Class of 1977 

Class of 1978 

Ann and Paul Mnich

Mary and William Gish

Class of 1979 

Bill and Mary Beth Shirk

Greg DiRosario


Class of 1980

Karen and Richard Dick

Class of 1981

Karen and Jim Haitz

Patrick and Cynthia Behling

Valerie Ahearn

Class of 1982

Thomas and Beth Waldren

Joseph Boduch

Samuel and Diane Chapman

Debby and Joseph Peterson

Class of 1983

Peter Mudre

Greg and Joyce Hord


Class of 1984

Tom and Elizabeth Mitevski

Mark and Marcy Mnich

Patrick and Tyra Chapman

Rob and Tammi Clark

Amy and Gary Goodburn

Michael and Elisa Fitzmartin

Class of 1985 

Amy and Blaine White

Steve and Christine Julian

Deborah Durbin

Class of 1986

Joanne and Michael Durbin

Jennifer and Patrick Myers

Kellie Kidd

Sherif Barsoum

Jennifer Gimbrone

Christopher and Pamela O'Connor

Daniel and Kate Low

Class of 1987

Michael and Crystal Cockerell

Brian and Laurie Mannion

Lynnette and Sam Gehrlich

Judy McLeary

Paul Franchak

Christopher and Christine Cordi

Brian Mirgon


Class of 1988

Jeff and Jennifer Kreuzer

Joseph and Kelley Valentine

Anna and Thomas Fuller

Class of 1989

Thomas Conroy

Colleen and Kurtis Gustafson

Wendy Michel

Michelle Leite

Class of 1990

Brad and Denise Mager

Kassie Stewart

Brad and Tabitha Benua

Class of 1991 


Class of 1992 

Class of 1993

Laura and Daniel Corkrean

Jason and Melissa Ricci

Carey Wrigley

Class of 1994

Doug Heil

Class of 1995

Christine and Brian Bilheimer

Laura and Scott Thorne


Class of 1996

Kelly and Brent Pugh

Kathleen and Matthew Letzelter

Karen and Mike Cofojohn

Kathleen and Patrick Rogers

Kelly and Robert Timberlake

Class of 1997

Amy and Paul Haggard

Scott Smith

Class of 2000

Matt Fadely 

Class of 2002

Theresa Wright 


Class of 2003

Melissa Shimp

Jacqueline Ward

Class of 2004 

Brendan Mulloy

Class of 2006

Christopher Mazzocco

Class of 2007

Kaitlyn McGoldrick 


Class of 2009

Patrick Caulkins

Class of 2010 

Sean Cox

Olivia Stranges

Sean Dundon

Adam and Lindsey Griffin

Class of 2013

Anthony Stranges

Katie Murray

Arius Cook

Class of 2014

Liza Hornyak


Class of 2017

Patrick Moriarty

Class of 2018

Tanner Baldwin