• St. Francis DeSales High School (map)
  • 4212 Karl Road
  • Columbus, OH 43224
  • United States
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When: November 11 beginning at 10:15am
St. Francis DeSales High School
About: Enter through Karl Road main entrance

Faith, Family and Tradition We have all heard the words spoken many times. Our extended school community is built on these tenants and the greatness of our graduates is rooted in this core belief. The names and faces of our students may change over time but the St. Francis DeSales High School commitment to Empowering Students for Life is steadfast. 

As we prepare for Open House on Sunday, November 11, we invite alumni to bring your family to a small gathering of alumni and students prior to this annual event. As our special guest, we would like to welcome you back and introduce your future Stallion to the unique and exciting opportunities that await them.

We look forward to sharing the great changes that have happened and the exciting future of what's still to come. All the while, still holding true to the values of our history. Faith, Family and Tradition - Empowering Students for Life!