Intro to CADD - 0703  (.5 year)

Prerequisite:  None              

Grade:  9-11

Elective Credit:  0.5

Intro to CADD ( Computer Aided Drafting & Design) teaches two industry led software programs for Architecture, Industrial Design, and Engineering. Through a series of projects, students will gain a basic understanding of each of the systems, their similarities and differences, and applications for both. Their passage through this course is documented through a portfolio.

Design Principles - 0723  (.5 year)

Prerequisite:  None             

Grades:  9-12

Elective Credit:  0.5

This course teaches the fundamentals of design thinking, a problem solving process focused on the end user. Content will include sketching, model building, and using teamwork to solve Architectural, Design, and Engineering challenges. No CADD experience required for this course.

Architecture – 0721  (1.00 year)

Prerequisite:  Intro to CADD                                             

Grade:  10-12

Elective Credit:  1.00

Architecture is a yearlong course which teaches students how to create an architecturally correct floor plan and design interior spaces. Students will use CADD as they enthusiastically design for the future. Projects will include; residential (housing) and commercial (public/business) architecture, architectural history, mechanical drafting, animating tours through spaces, presentation drawings, and constructing scale models.

Product Design - 0716  (1.00 year)

Prerequisite:   Intro to CADD                                           

Grade:  10-12      

Elective Credit:  1.00

Product Design is a yearlong course which combines creativity, engineering, art, and technology. Students work through the product development cycle focusing on prototype conceptualization, sensory awareness, an understanding of the user’s needs, and marketing. This course continues the skills introduced in the first two courses in the sequence, building models in CADD and in structural materials.