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Lori Arnett
- CP English IV
- Advanced Drama
- Drama
- Oral Expressions

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Rob Dvorak
Department Chair
- AP English IV 

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Chris Early
- CP English II
- English II
- Broadcast Journalism I

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Christina Johns
- College Credit Plus: UF ENG 104/College Writing I
Intro to Literature and Composition
- Photo Journalism

Shannon Huelskamp
- CP English III
- English III

Greta Ode
- CP English III
Intro to Literature and Composition


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Pat Murphy
- CP English II

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Janet Pickens
- Intro to Literature and Composition
- Language Arts Enhancement

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Danielle Polemeni
- AP Language III
- English for Speakers of Other Languages

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Kate Reither
- AP Track English II
- Advanced Digital Journalism
- Digital Journalism

Molly Wilson
- English I
- English IV