About:  “Seek a wellness strategy that provides maximum health, maximum pleasure, and minimum stress.” – Kelly (O'Connell) Schmidt, RDN, LDN

Kelly is a Registered, Licensed Dietitian, Author and a real food wellness advocate. On Kelly’s journey, she did not initially seek out nutrition… it came to her. In 1991 she was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes and she quickly learned the power of, “food is thy medicine.” She has an indistinguishable passion for no-nonsense nutrition. In 2012, Kelly opened her private practice, Kelly Schmidt Wellness, where she helps hundreds of people with counseling, touring grocery stores, wellness programs, speaking engagements and more.

Kelly gets it. She has had her own health struggles, including weight and nutrition confusion… after all, her childhood nickname was Stubbs! With this, she approaches each client uniquely, helping them to once again get in-tune with their body, and learn how to interpret its messages. She will be an advocate for you, and teach you how to be your own. She believes life is too short to not have the best quality of life every day.

Alumnus/a:  Kelly Schmidt '02

Business Phone Number:  ((312) 909-2809
Business Email:  Kelly@KellySchmidtRD.com
Business Address:  2428 Bryden Rd, Columbus, OH 43209 

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