The Magazine Drive has been a fund raising tradition for over 30 years at SFD. This major fund raiser is the only drive we ask our students to help raise the necessary funds for targeted school projects. 

The money raised from the Magazine Drive this school year, will go to upgrade our 55-year old kitchen, as well as complete several interior and exterior painting projects. Our goal is to raise $80,000. Your support will make all the difference in reaching this goal.

In thanks to our partnership with Great American (the magazine company), our students have an opportunity to earn Tuition Rewards Points through their participation. Tuition Rewards Points offer students and parents a way to receive a tuition credit at more than 340 participating colleges.*

Click here to view the list of participating colleges.  

$100 In Product Sales = $1,000 Tuition Rewards Points

$250 In Product Sales = $2,500 Tuition Rewards Points


*Senior students are not eligible to receive a tuition credit from Great American due to timing, however, they are permitted to pass their tuition credit to a sibling or family member. As an extra incentive, SFD will place all seniors who sell $100 in product sales in a raffle drawing to win a $1,000 tuition credit to the college of their choice; those who sell $250 in product sales will be entered twice in the raffle drawing.


Start helping today! Go to Follow the 'Register Here' link and use our ID # 2584225. 


SEPTEMBER 15, 17, 22, AND 24