Physical Education - 0502                               (0.5 year)

Prerequisite:  None                                             

Grade:  9-10

Required                                                                Credit:  0.25

This course presents rules of sport while emphasizing individual and team fundamentals. The class teaches individuals how to contribute to a group effort and how to problem solve within a team setting. In addition, participants are encouraged to set individual and team goals, and exert effort necessary to accomplish these goals.

Fitness for Life - 0503 (boys), 0504 (girls)                       (0.5 year)

Prerequisite: None

Grade:  9-12

Elective/Required                                                Credit:  0.25

This course is designed to provide an opportunity for students to increase their level of physical fitness through basic to moderate exercise training. In addition, each student will gain an understanding of the importance of physical fitness and flexibility. This course includes, but is not limited to cardiovascular activities, plyometrics, and aerobic exercises.

Weight Training - 0515 (boys), 0516 (girls)                       (0.5 year)

Prerequisite:  Recommendation of the department chair

Grade:  9-12

Elective                                                                  Credit:  0.25

This course is designed to acquaint students with the fundamentals and basic techniques utilized in a weight training program. Proper care and utilization of equipment is involved, along with the importance of safety. Students will also learn the benefits of static and dynamic stretching.

Advanced Physical Education - 0505           (0.5 year)

Prerequisite:  Completion of one year of Physical Education

Grade:  11-12

 Credit:  0.25

Junior and senior students will learn and refine their knowledge of team and lifetime sports. Students will coordinate, referee, coach and play in tournament style events.

Yoga for Fitness and Wellness for Girls- 0511       (0.5 year)

Prerequisite:  none

Grades 11-12

Credit 0.25                                                                                                          

Yoga for Fitness and Wellness is a daily Physical Education course that uses the flow of yoga poses to promote flexibility, balance, focus and wellness of the mind and body. An introduction to Pilates is incorporated to promote core strength. Students will learn the essence of yoga fitness and wellness through various projects.

Coaching & Sport: Leadership Development - 0520      (0.5 year)   

Prerequisite: Recommendation of Instructor

Grades 11-12

Credit: 0.25                                                                                                      

This course will be devoted to learning and developing leadership within the context of competitive team sports and coaching. Students will explore different coaching philosophies and the principles of effective coaching. Students will study various leadership theories and entertain different methods of applying theory to practice within the physical activity and sport environment. Students will engage in observational experiments and writing opportunities. Students will read about different coaches that are leaders in their sport, and compare their methods to coaching. Students will discuss motivational strategies and current issues and trends in coaching athletes of all ages.