Feeder School Profile

Enrollment: 200
Number of teachers/staff: 15
Year Established: 1966
Principal: Ms. Chris Iaconis
Grades: All-day Kindergarten and Grades 1–8
School Hours: 7:45 am – 2:30 pm


Since 1966, St. Anthony School has educated children in the Northland area in northern Columbus.

Similar to the diversity of surrounding neighborhoods, the student body is comprised of children from many different Columbus communities and embraces cultural and socioeconomic diversity. 85% of the students are Catholic, 40% are minorities.

Our academic program is fully accredited by the Ohio Catholic School Accrediting Association and the State of Ohio. Teachers and faculty are all licensed through the State of Ohio. All volunteers, staff and parish members who work with the students MUST be fingerprinted and take the “Protecting God’s Children” course.

The staff of St. Anthony School is committed to providing a safe, respectful and disciplined environment that promotes learning. Teachers, parents and parishioners are crucial to the success of the students and to the success of the school. Students experience the invaluable sense of community that bolsters confidence and teamwork in all they do.

St. Anthony Alumni

From Longhorns to STALLIONS

Rob Landis , SFDHS Class of 2018 

Rob Landis, SFDHS Class of 2018 

Rob Landis

St. Anthony, Class of 2014
St. Francis DeSales, Class of 2018

Co-Curricular Activities:  Basketball, Latin Club, Football, National Honor Society



Ruth Tesfay

St. Anthony, Class of 2015
St. Francis DeSales, Class of 2019

Co-Curricular Activities:  Peer Ministry, Rosary Club, Yoga Club

Ruth Tesfay , Class of 2019

Ruth Tesfay, Class of 2019

Chris Iaconis , SFDHS Class of 1970

Chris Iaconis, SFDHS Class of 1970


Ms. Chris Iaconis is a graduate of St. Francis DeSales High School.  She is!  Ms. Iaconis is actually a 2015 recipient of the Forest "Treeze" Sharrock Award, which is presented to alumni who have brought honor to St. Francis DeSales High School through their dedication to serving the community which they live through special projects and volunteer work, and by setting an example for others in their community.