Feeder School Profile

Enrollment: Approx. 600
Principal: Susan Maloy
Grades: All-day Kindergarten and Grades 1–8
School Hours: 7:45 am – 2:30 pm

ABOUT St. Matthew


The mission of St. Matthew is to enhance student learning in an environment that evokes the Catholic principles of love, respect, honesty, integrity and service to others.


  • The fundamental teachings of Christ assist students in achieving excellence in their religious, academic, physical, social and emotional development.
  • Students are educated in a Catholic environment that strives to bring each child to his or her full potential.
  • Students are encouraged to develop self-discipline and accept responsibility for their actions.
  • Students are given the opportunity to live their Christian faith through service to others.
  • Teachers instruct using best practices in a nurturing, caring and compassionate fashion.
  • Teachers use discipline in a manner that reflects a Christian respect for ones self and ones fellow human beings.
  • The family of each child is invited and encouraged to participate in the educational process.

St. Matthew Alumni

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