Feeder School Profile

Year Established: 1958
Principal: Dan Kinley
Grades: All-day Kindergarten and Grades 1–8
School Hours: 7:45 am – 2:30 pm

ABOUT St. Matthias


Their mission is to instill life-long Catholic values while providing students with a foundation to be knowledgeable and competent members of society.


  • St. Matthias School collaborates with parents in their primary responsibility of forming their children in the Catholic faith. Students grow in their faith by learning and experiencing Catholic teachings and traditions.
  • St. Matthias School's academic program meets or surpasses state standards, and supports students in reaching their academic and creative potential.
  • St. Matthias School students are guided by a dedicated staff that demonstrate educational excellence and serve as positive role models in the Catholic faith.
  • St. Matthias School is characterized by its sense of belonging, which is promoted by parents, staff and students.

St. Matthias Alumni

From Colts to STALLIONS