St Francis DeSales is excited about our 3rd trip combining two of Europe's great countries and capitals, France (Paris) and England (London).  On this trip we strive to create a packed, educational, and safe tour to ensure the greatest enjoyment of cultural, historic, and even culinary experiences. We will visit several northern French cities and France's busy and beautiful capital, Paris, the city of lights.  We will also visit the Normandy beaches of WWII including the American cemetery.  You will walk through amazing, charming, and picturesque port cities.  Then take a high speed train, the Eurostar, under the Channel and into the city of cool, London.  

Stallions stop for a photo in Prague during the 2016 International Trip

Stallions stop for a photo in Prague during the 2016 International Trip

  • Day 1 - depart from the US to our destination, Paris!
  • Day 2 - Tour the great city and visit some of the cities most memorable sites.
  • Day 3 - visit one of the world's greatest museums, the Louvre, and see the Mona Lisa, the Winged Victory, Venus de Milo, and other masterpieces of art.  Night boat ride on the Seine river and a view of Paris at night atop the Eiffel Tower.
  • Day 4 - Travel to Normandy and the ancient city of Rouen, where St Joan of Arc was burned at the stake in 1431.
  • Day 5 - visit the beautiful and picturesque port towns of Etretat and Honfleur.
  • Day 6 - We will visit the D Day beaches, site of one of world history's most important battles, where the allied invasion of Europe during WWII took place.  Then visit the medieval walled city of St Malo.
  • Day 7 - Mont St Michel visit
  • Day 8 - Chartres and back to Paris  
  • Day 9 - We will take the Eurostar high speed rail to London.  We will travel under the Channel through one of man's greatest engineering feats.  We will then have a walking tour of London and hang out in the artistic, fast-paced Covent Garden section of London.
  • Day 10 - More of London and for those of you interested everything from Fish 'n Chips to a play in London's theater district.
  • Day 11 - We must return to the US, and this is the day we do it.

What the tour includes: round trip flights, ground transportation, breakfast and dinner, hotels, Eurostar, entrance into all sites on the tour, several other smaller items

What the tour does not include: lunch, personal spending, tips (which will be collected before we leave)

For questions, please contact either Mr S Ulry at or Mrs H Evans and