Dear Parents;

As you may have heard Columbus Public Schools have made the decision to cancel classes for tomorrow due to the extreme heat.  Please note that Saint Francis DeSales High School will be in session.  In order to make our students a bit more comfortable during this heat wave we will allow our students to be out of uniform tomorrow. In order to ensure that students are in compliance with out of uniform parameters please consult the SFD Family Handbook regarding what is permitted when we are out of uniform.

In addition, students are encouraged to carry water bottles with them during this heat.  No soda, Gatorade or other sugary drinks are permitted in the classrooms as they draw bees and other insects.  It is important to note that during the course of a school day students do have access to Air-Conditioning; however, should a student begin to experience any heat related distress they should let a teacher or administrator know immediately so they can receive immediate attention.

In closing, for those students who are reliant on Columbus or Gahanna transportation we have been notified that buses will transport on their normal schedule. 

Peace and God’s Blessings,

Dan Garrick