Work and Family Life - 0611  (1.00 year)

Prerequisite:  Not open to anyone who has previously taken Food, Nutrition and Wellness, or a comparable course in another school.

Grade:  9-12  

Elective Credit:  1.00                                    

Graded Conventionally                      

This introductory class to the field of Consumer Sciences is divided into three key units: Character Development, Food Preparation and Nutrition Wellness, and Family Relations. Food preparation, meal planning, budgeting, effective communication, goal setting, stress management, character development, home design, resource management, and seasonal projects are also introduced.

Students, upon completion of this course, will have knowledge, awareness and skills in the challenging and dynamic work of the family. Critical and creative thinking, as well as teamwork, communication skills, social skills, math and language skills, and ethical reasoning within the Catholic context will be nurtured to grow and develop. Through hands on cooking and creating, class discussions, class challenges, projects, activities, and guest speakers, students will gain valuable hands on skills.

**Students will be required to bring in 2 items for the classroom, such as dish detergent, hand soap, etc.

Fashion Design - 0606 (.5 year)

Grade:  9-12    

Elective Credit:  0.50

This course will introduce students to the world of fashion and design. Students will gain skills in garment design and construction, apparel pattern reading and design drafting. Textiles, clothing styles, trends and apparel considerations will be covered through various hands on projects and challenges.

Family Building - 0615  (.5 year)

Grade:  11-12    

Elective Credit:  0.50

In this course, you will learn about the various stages of child development, starting with pregnancy, labor and delivery, all the way through infancy to school age. This is a research based class focusing on important areas of development that lay the foundation for lifelong health and wellness. Class discussions, activities, projects and classroom visits from babies and toddlers allow for student application and connection to the various topics covered. The goal for students who complete this course is to become strong advocates for some of our most vulnerable children.

Nutrition & Wellness for the Student Athlete - 0612  (.5 year) 

Grade:  9-12    

Elective Credit:  0.50

This course addresses the many facets of being a student athlete. This class will be a combined classroom setting and physical activity portion including injury prevention and alternative methods for enhancing athletic performance. Students will learn healthy eating and wellness habits, increased knowledge on team dynamic topics such as leadership and team building.