SFDHS One-to-One Program

We are very excited about the SFDHS One-to-One Program utilizing iPad Technology.

The use of the iPads will create a learning environment where students are challenged to use technology to expand their skills and knowledge. Placing the iPads in the hands of the students will extend the learning process well beyond the classroom. One of our main objectives is to provide our young people with the technological skills to be competitive in a global society and to help them become responsible digital citizens.

To that end, all new students to St. Francis DeSales High School will receive a 32GB Wi-Fi-only iPad. The iPad is the responsibility of the students and his or her family. Please know that each iPad will be managed by a mobile device management system administered by the technology team here at SFDHS.

We encourage you to read over each of the documents carefully. Should you have any questions after reading through this information, please feel free to contact any member of the Administrative Team.

SFDHS iPad Acceptable Use Policy

The SFDHS Acceptable Use Policy for iPads outlines the expectations and rules regarding a students iPad. The policy was put into place to sustain the iPad as a learning tool that is beneficial to all parties involved. This policy is strictly adhered to and one that the faculty of SFDHS fully expect every student to respect with a level of maturity that should be ever present during their time here.

 SFDHS Acceptable Use Policy 
for iPads:

SFDHS iPad support / Email support

If at any time a parent/guardian or student needs assistance with the SFDHS iPad or the provided email account please use the form below to contact a member of the SFDHS Tech Team.

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SFDHS iPad Insurance

The iPads provided to students are an invaluable tool and one that must be protected and cared for on a daily basis. That care should cover both the internal and external hardware portions of the iPad as well as the software that is downloaded onto the iPad. To that cause SFDHS strongly recommends that insurance is purchased for the iPads. This insurance will only cover the hardware aspect but it is something that is invaluable considering the amount of time the student spends with his/her iPad. SFDHS has been fortunate to team up with an external insurance company to provide yearly or multi-year insurance policies.

SFDHS Insurance Offering 
iPad Air:

Below is a guide that will assist with questions regarding the Student/Parent PowerSchool Portal.