Do you have a Planned Gift for DeSales?

A Planned Gift is a beautiful way to extend the legacy of your support for Saint Francis DeSales High School. This type of gift will deeply strengthen the lives of those in our school community and ensure that this special place—rooted in Faith, Family and Tradition—has the lasting support necessary to Empower Students for Life!

All gifts to DeSales matter

Planned Giving helps us support programs that offer a more dynamic, faith-centered experience for our students. Forward looking bequests are often unrestricted, affording us theflexibility to use your gifts where they are most needed.

Anyone can make a Planned Gift and make a difference— regardless of income level, by initiating a Planned Gift. PlannedGifts are directed through specific documents related to anindividual’s will or estate plan. Planned Gifts may include cash, securities or stock, real estate, artwork, personal property, life insurance, retirement plans, etc. Each Planned Gift presents a benefit to the benefactor and Saint Francis DeSales High School. By taking advantages provided by our federal tax code you andyour tax professional can fashion a gift that fulfills your personalneeds and makes a positive impact for DeSales.

To ensure that each gift is stewarded in the way most beneficialto all parties, we strongly encourage each donor family to consult their tax and estate planning professionals. If you have already included Saint Francis DeSales High School in your estate plan or if you are considering doing so, please contact Tim Jewett at 614- 267-7808, ext. 137 or email

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