College Planning



  • Attend the Guidance presentation for Senior parents at DeSales


  • Create an account on the Common Application (

  • Make a list of all schools you are interested in applying to and PAY ATTENTION TO DEADLINES


  • Start applying to colleges through the Common Application and Naviance

  • Register to retake the ACT or SAT, most students take it 2-3 times

  • If your college applications require a letter of recommendation(s):

    • Think about who you want to ask (teacher, counselor, coach, youth leader, etc)

      • Give them at least 2 weeks prior to your deadline to complete them

      • Provide recommendation forms and any special instructions

      • In your English classes you will write your college essays and have your teacher review them


  • Continue to visit colleges

  • Seniors are allowed 3 college visits during school days

  • It is best to visit on a day that DeSales does not have school

  • Try to visit on a day the college is in session to get a good feel of the campus


  • Focus on academics, Senior grades count!!!


  • Attend the Suburban College Fair at Otterbein University

  • Know college application deadlines

  • Know scholarship deadlines for individual schools!

  • Many scholarship deadlines are earlier than the final application deadline

  • You are responsible for submitting ACT/SAT scores directly from the testing agency if the college/university you are applying to requires this

  • If you are unsure if a college requires this, see your counselor

  • Apply for a pin number for the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA):

    • The FAFSA form will be available after October 1.

  • Continue to complete scholarship applications, which is a year long process

    • Check the Guidance website and with counselors for scholarship opportunities

  • Get housing applications in as early as possible


  • Decide which college you will attend by May

  • Notify your counselor where you will be attending so we can have your final transcript sent to that college

  • Notify your counselor of any scholarships or grants received as we use this information for end of the year recognition