Of the many ways in which a high school student experiences the world, perhaps one of the most meaningful is through serving. The stories of our faith tell us that we must serve one another if we desire to know God. The goal of service is to develop, in each student, the art of recognizing, comprehending and caring for the needs of others. Christian Service is an integral part of student life at St. Francis DeSales High School. The annual canned food drive provides much needed food to St. Stephens Community Center, while Christmas in the Courtyard, led by the senior class, brings holiday fun to underprivileged children. Other service projects take place throughout the year with the help of various student run organizations.

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Jack Welsh
Service Director

contact:  welsh@desales.co

Service Opportunities



Service Portfolios

In Theology classes, students will reflect on Service twice per semester--one will focus on a school-wide service experience (such as Canned Food Drive), one on an individually chosen service experience (such as at their Church or within a given club activity.

Service Clubs

Learn more about the service clubs St. Francis DeSales offers by visiting the service club page on our website!